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Black And White Pattern

Black And White Pattern

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Product Description

Handcrafted Handwoven Baby receiving blankets: A wise man once said that, “Children are the treasure keepers of our future” and we at Holistic Needle Craft believe that, as their caretakers we have a duty to ensure we protect them and by extension that future to the best of our ability.

Using this belief as the cornerstone, our baby swaddles and receiving blankets have been handwoven with only the best hypoallergenic cotton and non-toxic dyes. Our ultra soft texture of fabrics ensure baby’s skin is as treasured as his first steps. Our brightly colored and joyous designs ensure that baby is not only comfortable and secure but smiling too. These blankets are designed and stitched with layered of fabric that can be use for tummy time. These cozy handwoven blankets are reversible and perfectly sized for stroller and car seat blankets use

 Women led artisan, share the love 



Handwoven cotton printed fabric crafted by skilled artisans using indigenous weaves and techniques.

Product fabric details

250 GSM

 4  layers of 100% handwoven cotton

 36 x 36-450 grams approx. | 47 x 47-600 grams approx.

 36 x 36 inches | 47x 47 inches

 36 x 36 for newborn/infants | 47 x 47 for toddlers

 We wash and Iron each blanket after stitching 

 Non-toxic dye, 100% cotton, hand woven


Product care

1. Always wash dark and intense color quilts and white and light ones separately.

2. Machine washable with cold water on delicate cycle only. Do not bleach, air dry to keep the softness.

3. Can be machine dry with mild heat.

4. On tough stains you can use a mild liquid stain remover without bleach or optical brightener. Leave it to rest for 10 minutes without rubbing and wash in the washing machine.


As this is a hand crafted product there may be a slight color variations.

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Holistic Needle Craft

Deeply rooted in tradition, Connected to nature and Infused in Sustainability

At Holistic Needle Craft, we honor tradition and delight in the extraordinary. Our meticulously crafted and hand stitched sustainable lifestyle products serve one purpose: to elevate your every day and create homes filled with beauty, heritage, and meaning.

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