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One-Of -A-Kind Kantha Quilt * BumbleBee

One-Of -A-Kind Kantha Quilt * BumbleBee

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Our one-of -a kind vintage Large Kantha Throws are made from sustainable recycled and repurposed hand stitched cotton fabrics. Several layers recycled fabrics are hand sewn and patched together by using slow stitch which is running stitch also known as kantha stitch process to make these beautiful kantha throws. The way Vintage Boho Kantha Quilts and Throws made they are always different in designs, patterns, patch works, stitching types like light stitching -fine close stitching, varies in weight and size and that’s makes each blanket vintage, unique, one-of-a -kind and imperfectly perfect handmade heirloom piece. These beautiful soft blankets are very comfortable and add spring and summer vibe to your home. Also, because it’s a reversable blanket you can enjoy two prints and give a fresh look to your home.

Uses- These Kantha Throw Quilts are larger than the regular sized throws. They are perfect spring summer blanket. Highly functional, versatile, and reversable. They can be used as coverings for the rocking chair, beds, recliners, yoga studios, at the beach, on picnic, lap throws during campfire nights and even backyard patios. These lightweight kantha throws are perfect for Spring and Summer additions.


100% Recycled Cotton Natural Fabric

Product fabric details

Prewashed and quality inspected.
Material- 100% Recycled Cotton Natural Fabric
Size- 60” x 90”
Weight- 2.2 lbs

Product care

These Throw quilts are machine wash and dry. We recommend wash separately in cold water and dry on low.


As this is a hand crafted product there may be a slight color variations.

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