The Thinker and Creator

Hello to all the beautiful people ,

Holistic Needlecraft bloomed from my creative soul, love for hand stitching and embroidery came from early childhood memories, when I spent hours watching my Grandmother and other women in our community created beautiful storytelling quilts with needle and thread . Ever since then, I had a vision of preserve and revive this heritage needle craft and give this art form a new life. Each quilt is handsewn that begins with the intention to create something of extraordinary beauty and meaning. This intention is carried every step of the way - from carefully selecting the organic fabrics to bringing art to life by turning into beautiful quilts through intricate needlework. Each quilt takes up to five months of dedicated handiwork to complete.
Our work blends art with functionality and quilts are keepers of stories, intimately connecting past, present, and future. Whether as a unique gift to a cherished someone or to elevate your home with a one-of-a-kind art quilt, Holistic Needle Craft quilts are crafted to delight.

I hope you find for your home, for you and for your loved ones. And thank you so much for supporting us.

Holistic Needlecraft